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How to connect to Zoho
How to connect to Zoho

This article will walk you through the steps to connect your Zoho CRM to your portal.

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First, head to your Integrations tab, find the Zoho CRM integration, and press the Enable button. Log into your Zoho account.

Once connected, select the Settings option and in the new screen click on the Configure button. Now you can configure and map your integration.

Export Deal Mapping:

With the Export option, you'll need to first select which Deal Name you'll want once a deal is created in Pipedrive. In our example, we've selected the Deal name as the Company Name.

Just underneath, you'll need to map the phases to match your desired Zoho phases. (portal phases are partner-facing)
โ€‹Please note, that portal phases are fully customizable. For more information, take a look at this article.

Import Deal Mapping:

In the Import option, you'll need to select what Phases you'd like your deals to show in when their status is updated in Zoho. Just below, you'll need to re-map your Zoho phases to match the previous mapping we did in the Export section.

Contact and Company Mapping:

Similar to Deals, you'll need to map your Lead Registration form in the Contact and Company sections. This will ensure that the lead form will map to the correct fields in your Zoho deals. Such as creating the lead contact and company information.

Please note, that any configuration, can be updated and edited at any time.

For more information on how to Customize your Lead Registration Form, check out this article.

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