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How to customize the Lead Registration Form?
How to customize the Lead Registration Form?

This article will walk you through the steps to customize your Lead Registration Form.

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Customizing your Lead Registration Form is a breeze with the portal's fully customizable form feature. You can tailor your Lead Form to your specific needs by adding or editing fields and questions for your partners to fill out. This feature allows partners to submit leads on your behalf with ease. To get started, navigate to the Accounts & Settings tab and select the Leads sub-tab.

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Once you're ready to customize your Lead Form, click on the pencil icon to edit. You can then add different fields or questions in the form of Text, Numbers, Picklist, or Large Text, and rearrange them in any order that you prefer.

To add a Field to your Lead form, you'll need to check it off in the Active column to the right. By marking it Required, your partners would need to fill in the field(s) before submitting a lead.

How to create a Picklist?

Select the Type section on the form and choose the Picklist option from the dropdown menu. Then, click on the Edit Options button to start adding your picklist options by clicking the plus sign. Once you've finished adding all the options, click on the Close button. Remember to save your progress at any step to avoid losing any changes.

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