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How to Create a Lead in Using Zapier
How to Create a Lead in Using Zapier

This article will walk you through an example of how you can create a lead in your portal using our Zapier integration.

Updated over a week ago offers seamless integration with Zapier, allowing users to automate lead creation from various sources such as HubSpot forms or a Typeform. In this guide, we'll walk you through the process of setting up a Zap to automatically create leads in, streamlining your lead management workflow, and ensuring that no potential opportunities slip through the cracks.

Customizing your Lead Registration form:

Before getting started in Zapier, make sure your Lead registration form is fully customized to your liking. (here is an article on how to customize)

Now that your Lead form is customized, head to the form or survey platform that you will be using to host your lead form- such as HubSpot or Typeform and create/enter all the Lead registration fields.

Please note, that for Partners and Agents, you are not required to have a dropdown option showing all partners. If you wish to have partners enter their information, you can.

Setting Up Your Zapier Account:

Now that you're registration form has been created and customized, if you haven't already, sign up for a Zapier account at

Once logged in, navigate to the "Zaps" tab to create a new Zap.

Choosing a Trigger App:

Click on "Make a Zap" to start the Zap creation process.

Select your preferred trigger app from the list of available options. For example, you can choose HubSpot or Typeform as your trigger app.

Configuring the Trigger:

Follow the prompts to connect your chosen trigger app to Zapier.

Configure the trigger settings based on your requirements. For instance, if using HubSpot, select the trigger event (e.g., "New Form Submission").

Testing the Trigger:

Once configured, head to your HubSpot or Typeform and complete the form. (feel free to use a test partner for this so that a partner's data is not used)

Once you've submitted your form, test the trigger to ensure that Zapier can successfully retrieve data from your trigger app.

Choosing as the Action App:

After setting up the trigger, choose as the action app for your Zap. Select the action event, such as "Create Lead."

Connecting to Zapier:

Follow the prompts to connect your account to Zapier.

Authenticate your account by providing the necessary credentials. (check out this guide on how to find your organization name)

Mapping Lead Fields:

Once connected, map the fields from your trigger app to the corresponding fields in

Ensure that all required lead information is accurately mapped to the appropriate fields.

Testing the Zap:

After mapping the fields, test the Zap to verify that leads are successfully created in

Please note, do not use Zapier's test data for this step as those fields are not properly mapped.

Review the newly created leads in to confirm that all relevant information has been captured.

Activating the Zap:

Once satisfied with the test results, publish the Zap to start automating lead creation from your trigger app to

By leveraging Zapier's integration capabilities, you can streamline lead creation in from various sources, including HubSpot forms and Typeform surveys. Automating this process not only saves time but also ensures that leads are promptly captured and managed within, enabling you to focus on nurturing relationships and driving business growth.

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