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How to connect HubSpot CRM
How to connect HubSpot CRM

This article will walk you through the process of integrating your HubSpot account with

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How to Integrate with HubSpot:

Integrating your HubSpot pipeline with can be done in a few easy steps. This integration is included in both Plus and enterprise plans.

1. Log in to your portal.

2. The Integration information section can be found on the left-hand sidebar. In the Integrations, select "Enable Hubspot".

3. Upon selecting the “Enable Hubspot” button, a button will appear that prompts you to "Login with HubSpot." From there you will be prompted to "Connect App."

4. Upon selecting the “Connect App” button, a pop-up window will appear where you will select the HubSpot account you want to integrate with (see screenshot below).

5. Upon selecting the correct HubSpot account you will be required to choose the pipeline you want to phase.

6. Upon selecting the correct pipeline you will be required to select where new deals will be created in HubSpot. And decide how you'd like to map your HubSpot phases. (please note, portal phase is the phase your partners will see within the portal.)

7. Now, when new leads are submitted to your portal they will be created in HubSpot in the phase that you chose in step 5.

Once you approve a deal and you are all set up with your HubSpot integration, you will have three options.

  • Do Nothing - you will not integrate it with your CRM and will work the deal within

  • Select "New Deal", this will create the deal inside your CRM.

  • You also have the option to "Link Existing Deal" this will allow you to select an existing deal if it is already within your HubSpot CRM.

8. Once you have phased your HubSpot pipeline with, your deals will now be connected bi-directionally. See below for an example:

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