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How to connect to Pipedrive
How to connect to Pipedrive

This article will walk you through the steps to connect your Pipedrive CRM to your portal.

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Start by logging into your portal and head to your Integrations tab. Click on the Connect Pipedrive button. You'll be prompted to enter your API token.
Take a look at this article on how to find your API token:

Once your API token is entered, you will be connected to your Pipedrive account. Now, let's configure the integration. In the pop-up window, you'll find the options, Deals, Contact, and Companies that we'll be mapping.

In Deals, you'll find 2 options- Export Field Mapping (to Pipedrive) and Import Field Mapping (from Pipedrive).

Export Deal Mapping

With the Export option, you'll need to first select which Deal Title you'll want once a deal is created in Pipedrive. In our example, we've selected the Deal name as the Company Name.

Just underneath, you'll need to map the phases to match your desired Pipedrive phases.

To learn more on how to customize your deal/lead phases, check out this article.

Import Deal Mapping

In the Import option, you'll need to select what Phases you'd like your deals to show in ppio. when their status is labeled as Open in Pipedrive.

Just below, you'll need to re-map your Pipedrive phases to match the previous mapping we did in the Export section. In this section, you're confirming that if you move a deal that the status is not open in Pipedrive to a certain phase, it'll map and update the phases in

ie. If I move my deal to Contact Made in Pipedrive, in it will show my partners as Prospecting.

Please make sure you press the Save button at all times to ensure all changes are applied.

Contact and Company Mapping

Similar to Deals, you'll need to map your Lead Registration form in the Contact and Company sections. This will ensure that the lead form will map to the correct fields in your Pipedrive deals. Such as creating the lead contact and company information.

For more information on how to Customize your Lead Registration Form, check out this article.

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