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How to enable Reseller Permissions?
How to enable Reseller Permissions?

This article will walk you through the steps to enable Reseller Permissions for your partners.

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Reseller Permissions allows your partners will now have the ability to make updates on your behalf within the portal, eliminating the need for constant check-ins and manual work.

First, head to your Integrations tab, select the HubSpot "Settings", and then click the Configure button to see your Pipeline Phase Mapping options. Scroll to the bottom of your screen until you see the Two-Way Sync section. This will need to be enabled in order for Phase, Close Value, and Close Date to be edited inside your portal and synced back to HubSpot.

Now that this is enabled, you will see the "When Portal Phase is Changed..." section just above. Here you can choose how you'd like your Portal Phases mapped.

ie. The phase is updated within the portal. Which stage would you like to map to in HubSpot? (Lost=Closed Lost, Won=Closed Won, etc.)

Now that your Two-Way sync is on and your Portal Phases are mapped, you can choose which of your partners you'd like to have this ability. Head to your Partners tab and select the desired Partner. Click on the More Details button, and scroll to the bottom of your screen until you see the Permissions section. There you can toggle on/off the Reseller Permission feature.

(please note, only the portal admin can toggle this feature on/off)

Once enabled, this Partner and any of their Agents will have the ability to update the Portal Phase on your behalf.

What are the different Partner experiences when it comes to Reseller Permissions? The video below provides a walkthrough of our feature in action!

To learn more about how Reseller Permissions are a game changer, check out this article on our blog.

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