How to use the Dashboard

This article will help walk you through features on the Dashboard of your Partner Portal

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Upon login, to your, the first screen you will see is your Dashboard.

Your dashboard will display the following:

Updates and Announcements:

  • Keep your partners updated on any changes! Learn more about how to add these to your Dashboard in this article.

Unprocessed Leads:

  • These are new leads that have come in and that need action

Partner Applications:

  • New partners who have recently registered for your partner program and are awaiting your approval.

Recent Payments:

  • Payments that have recently been made to your partners.

  • This can include “Pending” and “Completed”

Upcoming Payments:

  • Payments that are upcoming to your partners

From your dashboard, you can access all sections and tabs of your portal.

Please note, that this is an Admin view and not a Partners' view. Feel free to take a look at what a partner account looks like here.

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