How to Manage Partners

This article will walk you through the available options for managing your Partners.

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You can view all of your partners on the “Partners” page, accessible from the sidebar. The Partners tab will display all of your partners along with relevant information including registration status, earnings, commission percentage, and contact information.

To learn how to add a Partner to your portal, please check out this article.

Verifying a Partner Application:

The first action item when a new partner registers for the program is the “Verification” process. All partners must be verified before a partner can register new leads. To do this, please follow the instructions below:

1. Log in to your partner portal

2. View Partner from your dashboard or left-side navigation in your Partners tab

3. Select the Partner you wish to edit/verify

4. In the top right-hand corner, there will be a “Current Status

5. Select the drop-down menu

6. Change status from “Pending” to either "Approved" or "Denied".


  • The partner is approved to submit leads and is approved for your partner program


  • The partner is denied and will not have access to your portal or be able to submit leads.

Both of these actions are up to the admin team. Both actions will trigger an email to the partner giving them approved or declined status.

Modifying a Partner's Status

Once a partner is approved, you will have the ability to modify their status. There are three statuses:


  • This means a partner is active and can submit leads and their account is in good status


  • This means a partner's access to the partner portal has been revoked and they did something to decline active status.


  • This means a partner is under review and their status is being reviewed. Partners in this status cannot access the portal.

*Please note: Suspended partners do NOT count towards partner count.

By clicking on a particular partner, you can access further information on the particular partner, including any agents they have registered, submitted leads, upcoming payments, and payment history.

For a step-by-step guide on how to Suspend different accounts in your portal, check out this article.

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