How to Manage Leads

This article will guide you through the available Lead management options available to you in

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How to Manage a Lead:

You can view all of your leads on the “Leads” tab, accessible from the Sidebar and main dashboard.

The Leads tab will display all current and past leads submitted by any partner. You'll have a few filter options such as:

  • Status: within the portal

  • Lead Name: or company name

  • Partner: who submitted the Lead

  • Submission Date

  • Type: type of request submitted

  • Revenue

  • Phase: which CRM phase your lead is in

By clicking on a particular lead you can pull up in-depth data on the lead, including any comments regarding the lead that may have been left by a staff member, payment information, and the transaction log.

From the leads detail page, this is where you can control the data regarding the submitted deal, change the commission value, update the deal information and issue a payment.

To make modifications or edits to lead detail, please go to view leads and select the lead you want to edit. Look for the pencil to edit and select it. This will make the appropriate fields editable. Once completed with the edits click the “Submit” button to save the edits.

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