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How to Customize Your Portal Branding
How to Customize Your Portal Branding

This article will help guide you through the available customization options available as an Admin of

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After you have selected your plan, signed up, and logged in you will be brought to an empty dashboard. Before you can start inviting your partners to register for your Partner Program, we want to help you customize your partner portal. This includes colors and logos. Once this is complete you will be ready to start inviting your partners and accepting new deals and leads.

Customize Colors: is equipped to allow you to fully customize your Portal so it looks exactly how you want it to. You are able to customize the background colors, text colors, link colors button colors, and status indicators, as well as your logo, favicon, and more.

The first thing you will need to do is know the Hex or RGB color codes for your desired color scheme. Next, you will want to go to your “Accounts & Settings” near the bottom of the Sidebar.

Every customizable option - from your logo to your fonts - can be found in Portal Styles.

Selecting Colors:

There are two ways to select or modify colors. Enter the Hex code in the input box or click on the colored box next to the Hex input box. Once the color box is selected a pop-up will show on the screen so a color selection can be made.

Any changes made can be previewed at the top, and once the desired color has been selected, click Save.

Color #1 is the primary color for the portal and will be used as the sidebar, sign-in page, and link color. Colors 2, 3, and 4 are used throughout the platform in Metrics data, and as color codes for Lead and Opportunity phases. Here are the specifics:

Color 2:

  • Lead Phase: Consulting

  • Opportunity Phase: Interested

  • Payment Status: Scheduled

Color 3:

  • Lead Phase: Prospecting

Color 4:

  • Lead Phase: Lost

  • Opportunity: Lost

Setting up a Logo:

You can upload your company's desired logo by scrolling to the bottom of the page.

Please note, logos can only be uploaded in .png format

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