How to add a Partner

This article will help walk you through the process of adding Partners to your Partner Portal

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Partner Registration:

If you'd like to have partners register on their own, they can do so on your portal registration page.

Head over to the Billing & Staff tab under the Account & Settings section of your partner portal and copy your domain address under the company section.

Note: Please contact our support desk should you have any trouble obtaining your subdomain.

Once you have copied the domain URL, now it’s time to send an email or communication to your partner introducing the partner portal and why they should sign up.

Once a new partner lands on your partner registration page (, they will follow the sign-up as a partner. See screenshots below:

After a partner signs up for your partner program, they will receive an email stating the portal Admin (you) has received a request, and once verified the partner will have access to register deals.

Please note, that we do not support partner auto approval and all partners must be approved by the Admin team.

How to Invite a Partner:

With our Partner Invite feature, you can invite partners into your portal without needing them to go through the registration.

Head to your Partners tab and select the Invite button.

You can invite a single partner or bulk invite them all at once.

To use our bulk invite feature, you'll need to upload a CSV file of your partners. We have a template that you can download and learn what information you need to complete the invite.

In the bulk invite section, you'll also notice how many partners can be invited.

(For more information on how to add Staff, head to this article for more information)

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