Salesforce Roadmap

Here you'll find our short and mid-term roadmap for our Salesforce integration.

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Launched June 2023

  • Lead Mapping - Partner data mapped to Salesforce fields.

  • Allow any field to map to a picklist in Salesforce.

  • Customizable deduplication & error configuration.

Coming Later in 2023

  • Better Object & Field data picker

  • Additional field type support.

  • Static field Picklist & Number input options.

  • Reverse Relation Support.


  • Partner Mapping - Push & Sync Partner data into Salesforce upon new registrations.

  • Connect mapped Partners in Salesforce to mapped Lead-type objects in Salesforce.

  • Additional Salesforce relationship configuration support.

  • Create Leads from Salesforce data.

  • Filter linkable objects based on specific field values.

  • Allow non-primary object specification of related objects during linking process.

Still Exploring

  • Map a Staff member as an "owner" to data in Salesforce.

  • Display actual object names when IDs are mapped into Custom Field

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