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How to Setup PayPal Payments
How to Setup PayPal Payments

This article will walk you through the available options for Payouts using our PayPal integration.

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Note: The PayPal integration is only available on select plans. You may contact Support within your portal for more information.

PayPal is a great way to pay commissions automatically through your portal without the need for writing checks or logging into another payment system. You may view your PayPal integration on the "Integrations" page, accessible from the left sidebar within your Partner Portal.

1. Connecting PayPal

In order to get PayPal up and running you will want to first connect your account to Partner Portal.

  • Login to your portal with the “Admin” login.

  • Select Integrations on the left side menu.

  • Under the Payments section you will want to select Enable PayPal and log in with your PayPal account.

Please make sure you enable Payouts API in your PayPal account, in order for payments to be sent to your partners. For more information on how to enable it, check out this PayPal Help article.

2. Any Pre-Set-Up Steps For Partners?

In order to send payments through our PayPal integration in the portal, each of your partners must have a PayPal account. If they do not have one, unfortunately, we cannot send a payment through our integration. Your partner must sign up for PayPal and connect to either their bank or any other account they wish. If your partner wishes to be paid through a 3rd party site, they do not need a PayPal account. But all payment information would not be tracked through the portal as it is not made through our payment integration.

3. PayPal Manual Payments

After your PayPal account has been connected you are ready to start sending a commission to your Partners!

  • Commission payments can be set up on a specific lead by navigating to the Lead detail page.

  • Then select the PayPal icon above your transactions.

You will then be prompted for minimum payment information and can schedule the payment to process when desired.

4. Automatic Payments

Partner Portal also has the capability to have payments generated automatically.

  • In order to have payments generated automatically you will want to navigate to the "Program" page on the left side menu within your portal.

  • Then you can select Payment Scheduling and tune the payments to your company needs.

Note: In order to have commission amount due be automatically included in each commission payment this feature will have to be used in conjunction with an Accounting integration. See the "Integrations" page for options.

Additional Notes

  • PayPal accounts must be funded 2 business days prior to the commissions being sent out. Should the account not be funded ahead of time the system will display an error and once the account is funded you will need to click the retry button from the payments tab to resend the transfer.

  • Payments must be approved prior to Partner Portal sending commission payments. This can be done on the "Payments" page located on the left side menu in your portal.

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