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How to toggle off Payments?
How to toggle off Payments?

This article will walk you through the steps to toggle off mentions of payments within the portal.

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Not all partnerships provide commission payments, and even if they do, the commissions might be different for your specific situation. But don't worry, you can hide any mention of payments for your partners in your portal.

To do this, go to the Partner Program tab and select Program Settings.

Then, look for the Enable Payments section and follow a few steps depending on what areas are enabled in your portal. To disable payments, you need to make sure that Partner Tiers, Payment Scheduling, Accounting integration, and Payments integration are all disabled.

If you need to disable Partner Tiers and Payment Scheduling, you can find these options below.

Once everything is disabled, you'll be able to toggle off Payments throughout the portal!

For more information on Payments, please feel free to reach out to your dedicated CSM!

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