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How to create Scheduled Payments
How to create Scheduled Payments

This article will walk you through steps on how to create a schedule for payments in the portal.

Updated over a week ago

As part of automizing your partner program, you can create a schedule for payments to be automatically queued up in the portal for your partners.

First head to your Program Settings tab under Partner Program and scroll to the bottom to find the Payment Scheduler section. Enable your scheduler if not done yet and click on the Pencil icon to edit.

You will have the option to schedule payments on a Monthly, Quarterly, or Yearly basis along with an Issue Date Delay of your choice. With our scheduler, you will also have the option to have leads expire automatically after a desired amount of time. Once expired, Partners will no longer receive payment for the lead.

The Lead Expiry will be calculated for “Active” leads based on the Close Date.

Please note, that our Payment Scheduler, will queue up partner payments, but will still require approval from the admin team.

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