How to Embed Video

This article will show you how you can embed a video within

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To embed a video, navigate to the Resource Center tab within your portal and select "ADD RESOURCE". Once you do, you'll click on the 'Resource Description', select 'Insert', and then Media. This will open a small window where you can insert/edit media, and you're going to click 'Embed'. Now, you will be able to paste your embed code in the box provided and click Save when you're all done.

When adding to the Resource Center, you'll need to upload a file in order to save your uploaded content. The file can be your thumbnail screenshot if there is no relevant file. Afterward, you'll be prompted to update your thumbnail.

PLEASE NOTE: When embedding a video, we support Vimeo, Youtube, Loom Videos, and Canva presentations. *The size limit for all uploaded files is 100MB, however, with the option to embed a video and stream it natively there is no size limit.

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