How to Add a Resource

This article will walk you through the steps on how to add content to your Resource Center.

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Please make sure that your Resource Center has been set up before uploading content. To learn more, check out this article.

Adding a Resource:

Click the Add Resource button on the main Resource Center page.

Name your Resource as this is what will be displayed to your Partners when they see the file name within the Resource Center. Add a description if you'd like or some details on the resource and its benefits and uses of it.

When you're ready to upload a resource select the file icon.

File size may not exceed 100MB.

Press the save button, once you've uploaded your file.

Now that the file has been uploaded you will need to add a thumbnail. Select the Upload Thumbnail button underneath the uploaded file.

NOTE: Should a thumbnail not be uploaded the default thumbnail will be displayed.

If you are not uploading a file and are inserting a video, picture, or linking out to another site, you can upload your thumbnail as the file to override the file upload requirement.

โ€‹Learn more about how to Embed a Video or Insert an Image into your Resource Center.

Once you have added a resource you can now choose to put it into a Category to allow visibility to Partners.

Adding a resource to a category:

  • Scroll to the bottom to see the list of available Categories.

  • Select the Category you want to add the file to by clicking the checkbox next to the category.

  • Select the Save button at the top

If you have new partners being added to the portal, they will not see any uploaded content until they've been assigned to it. ie added to a group

If you have content that you'd like to be visible to every partner, the Resource Center has an All Partners group that is automatically managed by the portal. You can assign content to this group for all partner visibility.

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