How to add and enable Program Terms

This article is to support you setting up and enabling Program Terms.

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Upon registration, the new partner must opt-in to's Terms of Service by selecting the checkbox. You will also have the ability to upload your own Program Terms and have your Partners opt in at the same time. Enabling Partner Program terms is completely optional.

To enable Program Terms, log into your portal and head to your Partner Program tab, and select the Program Terms sub-tab. Here, you'll enter your desired terms by clicking on the Pencil icon. Toggle the Enabled button on/off as you'd like. Click the Save button when you're done.

Please note, these terms are not individualized per partner, they are a broader set of terms for all partners to opt into.

If you've enabled Program Terms, this will be visible to partners when they register for their accounts.

The new partner will have the ability to review the terms prior to opting in by selecting Program Terms. also offers the ability to support the offline signing of Partner Program terms. For those organizations that use the DocuSign or HellosSign approach. offers the ability to attach files directly to partner accounts for easy storage and accessibility. Learn more about how to "Attach Files" to Partner Accounts.

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