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Our Resource center can be used to manage documents, training material, branding assets and so much more. This will allow you to regulate which Partners have access to which files.

This article will walk you through the process of setting up and using the Resource Centre with your Partner Portal.

The Resource Center will is designed to allow you to share and deliver marketing content to your partners in a safe and controlled environment. Share what files you want with which partners.

How to Setup your Resource Center:

  • Log in to your partner portal.

  • The Resource Center information section can be found on the left-hand sidebar.

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Add a resource:

First, you will need to add a resource that you want to share with your partners.

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  • Name your resource

    1. This is what will be displayed to your partners when they see the file name within the Resource Center.

  • Add a description for your resource

    1. Add some details on the resource and the benefits and uses of it.

  • Upload a resource

    1. File size may not exceed 100MB

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Once the file has been uploaded you will need to add a thumbnail.

  • Select the upload thumbnail on the file.

  • Upload a thumbnail

  • Note: Should a thumbnail not be uploaded the default thumbnail will be displayed.

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  • Once you have added a resource you can now choose to put it into a category.

Setting up a category:

Setting up a category within is really simple.

  • Select Categories from the Resource Center's main page.

  • Select add a New category

  • Select Save

  • Once your new category is created you now add a resource to that category.

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Adding a resource to a category:

  • Select the resource/file from the main Resource Center screen

  • Select the pencil (edit) in the top right-hand corner

  • Once in edit more the list of categories that are available will be displayed below.

  • Select the category you want to add the file to by clicking the checkbox next to the category.

  • Select Save

Now that we have created a resource and added that resource to a category we can now share the resource with your partners. The way we do that is by creating “Groups”

Creating Groups:

  • Select the “Groups” button on from the main resource center page

  • Select the “Create New Group”

  • On the Add New Group screen

    • Enter Group Name

    • Select the partner you want to add to the group

    • Select Save

Now that you have added a resource, created a category, and made your groups. It is time to add your group of partners to a category so they can access the files you added.

Adding a group to a category:

  • From the main Resource Center screen select the Category your resource is in.

  • In this case, it is the Partner Portal Demo Category

  • Once selected you will be on the category details page

  • Select the pencil (edit button) on the top right-hand corner of the screen.

  • A list of groups that you have created will be displayed

  • Select the group you want to share the category and resource with by selecting the checkbox.

  • Select the save button

  • Navigate back to the main Resource Centre screen you will see that the resource and category are now shared with the group of partners your created and selected.

If you have new partners being added to the portal, they will not see any uploaded content until they have been assigned to it. ie added to a group

If you have content that you'd like to be visible to every partner, the Resource Center has an All Partners group that is automatically managed by the portal. You can assign content to this group for all partner visibility.

Learn more about how to Embed a Video or Insert an Image into your Resource Center.

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