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What visibility do Agents have?
What visibility do Agents have?

This article will walk you through what Agents will have visibility on within the portal.

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As a Partner, you have the ability to add Agents (this can be any of your staff members, team members, or account executives) to your portal.

Each Agent will have a unique sign-in to the portal, and can only have access if you invite them. Based off of the subscription plan you're on, will determine the number of Agents you can have in your portal.

As a Partner, only you will have visibility on your Agents, portal owners do not.

Manager Toggle

Once the agent has completed their registration you will have the ability to add them as a Manager which will allow them certain privileges and a different view in the portal. The Manager toggle allows the agent to see all leads submitted by all agents.

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 4.00.33 PM-1

Below, we have an example of a Partner account, where the partner submitted the lead Autobot-Zoom on 08/02/22.


Since this Agent below has manager privileges, they are also able to view the same Autobot- Zoom lead submitted by the above Partner.

Agent Manager

If the toggle is off, the agent will only be able to see the leads they submit. Our Agent account below is not able to view the Autobot- Zoom lead the Partner submitted.


When inviting an Agent, ensure the desired Agent(s) have Manager privileges enabled/disabled, as you see fit.


Agents (with either privileges) will have access to the Opportunities tab and have visibility on all Opportunities sent by the Admin team.

โ€‹A non-admin Agent will not be able to view any transactional data (payments).

For more information on How to add an Agent, check out the following article.

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