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What happens when my billing fails?
What happens when my billing fails?

Did your credit card expire? Happens to the best of us! Let's help you get back up and running.

Updated over a week ago

We absolutely understand that sometimes your credit card expires or is otherwise declined. This is why we offer a grace period after your billing was missed to rectify the situation.

After the day of the failed charge we will try to run your charge three more times for about a week. We will also notify you about the failed charge and provide information to update your credit card. During this time you and your partners will continue to have full access to your portal.

If, however, the grace period laps and your balance has not been paid, we will then lock your portal. This will mean that your staff and your partners will no longer be able to login to your Portal and access your lead data.

To update your credit card, the Primary Admin of the portal simply needs to login. Upon doing so, we will inform you that your card was unable to be processed and you'll be able to update your billing.

Having trouble? Sorry to hear that! Please shoot us a note at [email protected] and we'll get right on helping you get back online. We know how critical it is to be able to collect Leads and interact with your Partners and we'd hate to see you run into issues due to a locked portal.

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