Understanding the Analytics Dashboard

This article is designed to help understand how to read the analytics dashboard

Our Analytics dashboard is designed to provide an insight into how your partner program is operating. Select the period of time you would like to look at and the dashboard will update based on that time period. Key metrics you will be able to track and view are: 

  • Partner Registration
    • Number of "new partner" registrations during the time period
  • Leads Registered
    • Number of "new leads" registrations during the time period
  • Commissions Paid
    • Amount of "Commissions Paid" during the time period
  • Revenue from Leads
    • Amount of Revenue Generated from leads during the time period

Partner Impact: Insight into your top partners

  • New Leads
    • Partners with the most new leads submitted during the time period selected
  • Close Rate
    • Partners with the highest close rate (%) during the time period selected 
  • Revenue Generated
    • Partners with the most lead revenue during the time period selected

Lead Data: Insight into your lead data

  • Status Breakdown
    • How many leads are within each lead status
      • Approved, Expired, Pending, Active, Decline
  • Phase Breakdown
    • How many leads are within each phase
      • Processing, Won, N/A, Proposed, Prospecting, Consulting, Lost
  • Type Breakdown
    • How many leads in each type (to update lead type, please see the setting tab) 
      • This will auto update based on your lead types that are specific to your Partner Program

Hover over the different sections of the circle and the % of total will update in real time