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How to set up your Partner Program and Partner Tiers

This article will help walk you through setting up a Partner Program in Partner Portal

Upon login, to your Partner Portal, you will see the Program section where you can set up your Partner Program and Partner Tiers.

Partner Program:

  • This is the section where you have the ability to display and show publicly what are your Partner Program tiers and terms.
  • Select the pencil to edit the terms of your Partner Program. 
  • Use the toggle button to enable or disable the program terms

Partner Tiers:

  • This section allows you to set revenue parameters and thresholds which will allow your partners to unlock different commissions percentages. 
    • Please note: The platform only allows for a percentage based commission at this time. An update is coming shortly to offer different commission based program (One time payment, Spiff program, etc) 

To set up your Partner Tiers, you need to first enable the feature by using the toggle button. Once you have enabled the feature it is time to setup your different tiers. 

You must first set your base tier - please note that you can set the Revenue and Percentage threshold to your choosing. it so you can have the ability to edit it by choosing what should be your base structure and commission percent. 

You can add and edit as many revenue thresholds your partner program may have. In addition to setting the revenue requirements and percentage you can also color code the different tiers. When the partner achieves a certain threshold the partner will see their tiered color when they login into their portal.   

Now that you have set your different tiers and thresholds, you can set the frequency of how often you want the tiers to calculate. There are three different frequencies you can calculate on: 

  • Monthly
  • Quarterly
  • Annually

The system will look into all the open leads your partners have submitted in the frequency period you set. Based on the frequency the system will calculate your partner tiers and pay commissions based on the tier achieved within that period. 

After setting up the Partner Program structure, hit save.