How to Embed Video

This article will show you how you can embed a video within

To embed a video, navigate to the Resource Center tab within your portal and select "ADD RESOURCE". Once you do, you'll click in the 'Resource Description', select 'Insert', and then Media. This will open a small window where you can insert/edit media, and you're going to click 'Embed'. Now, you will be able to paste your embed code in the box provided and click Save when you're all done.

For a more detailed walkthrough, please see the slideshow and images below. 


PLEASE NOTE: When embedding a video, we support Vimeo, Youtube, Loom Videos, and Canva presentations. *The size limit for all uploaded files is 100MB, however, with the option to embed a video and stream it natively there is no size limit.

Here is a workflow that will show the steps in embedding a video: