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How to setup and add Partner Program Terms

This arctic will help walk you through adding your program terms

PartnerPortal.io has the ability to add and enforce that any new partners agree to the Partner Program terms before being able to register for your partner program. 


Navigate to the side bar and "Partner Program" select "Program Terms" 


To add or edit the terms, select the pencil icon on the top of the screen next to Partner Program Terms. Once selected you it will activate the editor and you will be able to edit and modify the terms to your liking. Once completed, you have the ability to enable to the terms or disable the terms. When the terms are enable, a partner will not be able to register for your program without consenting and agreeing to the terms of your Partner Program.


Upon registration, the new partner must select the box before being able to register. 


The new partner will have the ability to review the terms by selecting Program Terms. 

Enabling Parter Program terms is completely optional

At PartnerPortal.io we recognize that there are those organizations that use an our digital signing service such as DocuSign. PartnerPortal.io also offers the ability to "Attach a file to a partner account" for safe document storage and easy access.